Returning to my hometown

There are many changes in my hometown. The city that will become a host of a major national sports event in this year. It is relatively cleaner now, regardless floods remains unsolved problem. In some places, the roads are bigger and traffic lights are enlighten with monitors, showing the seconds of each sign left.
Well, being in this city again is a nice moment, but with the toughest patient killer: the electricity problem. Today, I faced the first black-out (a-ten-hour-without-electricity), started from 8am-5pm. The situation is not much different than 2-3 years ago, when the electrical company cut-off their supply in a certain place for 30 hours every week.
Another thing, a friend of mine told me that the dis-obedience (or more accurately: rudeness) of people on the streets is chronic. The motorists are doing whatever they want to on the roads, regardless the signs and the general rules. Being on the street again, riding vehicles, looking what others do, sometimes requires a deep breath and a soundless critics.
But, as an English-man says, right or wrong, this is my lovely country...


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