Stop Internet Pronography

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This week, a new regulation of information exchange and electronic transaction has been approved by DPR ('Indonesian People Representatives/Parliamentary'). One of the core issues is to block negative contents from internet. The minister of information and communication technology urge internet service provider to apply filtering system for pornographic and lottery contents which effectively starts in April-May this year.
The banning is a positive movement to protect moral decadency in young generation. But how the policy being applied is still not in clear understanding between government and business actors. For example, is that selling adult content 'direct or indirect' in Indonesia prohibited ? Or should be legalized but with very strict regulation ? This secondary industry is based on reality of 'the existence of localizations of prostitution in many places'. On the other hand, television program as well as video censorships are still very loose in approving what should/not be watch by public, or even Anti-pornographic act is still be held by Parliamentary, there is no better situation in blocking 'negative contents' on internet.
For example, there should be adult content filtering program enabled in internet cafes, schools, universities, and government offices. However, to block adult content being accessed at home is merely personal/private rights.
Another argument, may be, who will decide that one website contains negative content ?
Despite the new regulation criticism, personally I agree with the act, which however, needs further explanation and good willing to apply it.


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