Living in Australia has given me an opportunity to learn English in native environment. It was only 1 year and the goal was to pursue my master's there. I've never imagine the changing paradigm and the habits after living in a all new place, like Australia beforehand. Deepest in my thought, I still feel that I did not change, at least in the way I speak.

Hei! That was false! In front of class, I realized that something changed with me. Starting with a very small thing, the way that I speak. For instance, there's a confusion in my head whenever talking about air and air (in Bahasa). Air (English) is translated as udara (in Bahasa), but water (English) means air (Bahasa)! So, I took a shortcut to eliminate this 'brain confusion', I told the student that I am, may be, more comfortable to say udara (Bahasa) with air and air (Bahasa) with water.

That is one thing. The other problem occurred in teaching with English literature. There's a temmptation for me to speak in the language written in literature rather than to translate it first in Indonesia. Oh, I forgot to say, I taught Unit Operation in Food Industry. In that lecture, there are many English terms that need to be translated. However, I feel comfortable to use the native terms since they are used as well in the real engineering environment.


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