Good Diet can reduce the prevalence of Azheimer's

Recent publications show diet is important for elder people in case of developing Alzheimer's Disease (AD). Anti-inflammatory components are believed to be one factor behind the importance of good diet. For those who live in tropical countries, eating curcumin-rich food, or in more temperate countries: fruit-derived cuisines such as berries and apples, are among the inflammation reducers.

Well, why inflammation is an important starting point for Alzheimer's ? As described previously, the AD pre-symptom begin with inflammation inside micro-vessel in human brain as beta-amyloid plagues increase. Inflammation is also known as a source of pain, giving bad signal in neurotransmitter system inside human.

Here, a verbatim list for anti-inflammatory food tips from About.Com:

* Breakfast could be oatmeal served with fresh berries and walnuts, with a cup of soy milk.
* Snack on whole fruits, nuts, seeds, and fresh vegetables throughout the day instead of cookies and candy.
* Eat more fish and less fatty red meat.
* Stay away from deep fried foods and bake or stir fry your meals instead.
* Choose green, orange, and yellow vegetables for your side dishes.
* Drink plenty of water, fresh 100% fruit and vegetable juices, herbal teas and green tea.


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