Yeast engineering is still a promising research field

Yeast (Indonesian: Kamir) is a non-filamentous fungi, and is largely utilized in Wine/Alcohol industry. However, yeast is not only important for fermentation, several yeast species were also cultured to produce medicine.
In biotechnology, yeast is prefered compare to Bacillus species and E. coli, which those bacteria are commonly known as pathogens. In some extent, yeast can also spoil foods, but there are plenty of yeast species currently recognized as friendly organisms.
Biomedical engineering is a newly emerge field, combining several well-established disciplines, such as biotechnology, DNA based technology, and biochemistry. One of its aims is to produce medicine with lower production cost or at an increased yield. Yeast is employed and re-engineered to produce pain-killer medicines. As the knowledge of producing an organic component is well studied, the researchers than put the corresponding DNA, thus enabling yeast to synthesize in a correct pathway.

As you can see from recent news : Alkaloids produced by genetically engineered yeast, yeast engineering remains an interesting research field for the future.


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