Rangkuman Tren Kesehatan Dunia 2008 versi Time

Some related findings for me:
1. Risk to have Alzheimer's Disease for Diabetic patients is higher than normal people. So far, there is no direct clue why this phenomenon could happen.
2. In food packaging, industry was warned of potential problems caused by several plastic compounds that easily leak into foods and enter human blood stream. Scientists have name Bisphenol as one of them.
3. CT Scan may not safe for your body. When your body is exposed in high radiation/magnetic fields, it may induces tumor or cancer, or at least mild injuries.
4. A major oubreak of melamine from China's origin foods as well as some minor GM cases have been noticed. To feed enough foods for people will result higher exposure of GM in the future.
5. Allergic inducing health problems may increase as world climate worsen.
6. Scientific findings correlate inflamation as a cause to many health problems, namely hearth attack and Alzheimer.
7. Gene research is increasingly important in revealing many degenerative diseases.
8. Salmonella outbreak stroke US market, inflicting many victims.
9. Stem cell is a prominent answer to cure many diseases, despite its ethical struggles.

Full story can be found: here.


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