The first productive day in 2009

Monday, 5th is the day one in 2009 series of productive days. Whatever your new year resolutions are, the first step will be made today. This very morning, I saw optimistic motorists pouring roads, starting their long journey of 2009 to achieve their dreams. On the way, I also watch an old habit, street-mongers, who tried to occupy the motorway with an extremely brave action, speeding in between cars and trucks.

Hail to the new optimism of the new year, I saw heaps of street-vendors to start opening their auctions in front of a Pension bank. But, I am well aware, among them are debt collectors, waiting with patient for people who owed some money to their agencies.

However, I do remember clearly to a scene happened some years ago. In a place of some 240 kms to the north of East Kalimantan, I once visited a government agency. In there, an employee was telling me about something, "what we basically do is to legally move Nation's wealth into our pockets". In other word, kleptocracy is still nurtured deep in our hearts. Will today, they start to do so? Or with a gleam of conciousness try to avoid the kleptocracy as a new resolution in 2009?


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