Palestine Onslaught

Life in Gaza is a constant struggle. With walls raised surrounding it, all activities and economy are practically very dependent to Israel. Being Palestinians may be a great curse in current modern world. The situation is utterly difficult. One wrong move can lead to life threatening, subject to tyrannic snipers.

It is a matter of side of view, one friend said. In Western view, Palestinians are so strong-headed, rejecting a concept of two nation state peace. Gaza is a fruit of uncooperative conditions. It is not like the West Bank, which earns (shallow?) stability as the people choose to life under the concept.

Anyway, with regard to increasingly deteriorating conditions in Gaza, now, there's no need of deep analysis to the cause of aggression as well as any theory to produce better understanding between them. For a close time, the war should be stopped and then followed by bargaining talks between envoys of the two nations. In so doing, they need to discuss all cards on the table and halt threatening actions. Any talk while the bloodshed is still underway is worthless.

I am not in judge to who plays what, but my friend said: if Gaza belongs to Palestinians, then Israel is wrong in the very time as it violates the other nation territorial. Arabian ministers told that Israel is no better than Palestinians, since it bombards Gaza, in the worse way than Hamas, which is rocketing Southern Israelis cities. Head to head on the scale of bombing, a light world-war-one-technology rocket of Palestinians is equal to 1000 precisely guided heavy bombs of Israel. To make things more imbalance, death toll in both sides are nearly one to 100. It means one Israelis equal to 100 Palestinian citizen's lives. The question raised when a light terror made by anonymous groups of Hamas should be punished by insane bombing in the surrounded small city. Does the punishment equal?

Some said, when a country wants to go war with other, they need a reason. Thus, a rarely frequent intrusion of light rockets is more than enough as the reason for starting this war. Looking back to some documents leaked on the net, this war was planned carefully. In September, last year, a vessel loaded with nearly a thousand containers of explosives had arrived in Israel's port. Another vessel will be in next week. Is it a matter of punishing less frequently rocket accidents, or in a bigger scheme of expanding border to satisfy housing needs?

Internationally, as I mentioned in my previous email, is the war subjected to divert Madoff case? Charities, mostly Jews, are deeply inflicted by the Ponzi scheme.

To be honest, we, who live in a distant geographical position from them, are not quite understand about their cultures, their values, and of course their grand schemes. Information, which is largely gathered from wires, is not well covered to all circumstances, and insofar delivering bias, depending on who transmitted them. We wonder about the lateness of Gulf regimes to put a pressure on the war, since they may be indirectly most advantaged by the unexpected rise of oil price (it has been rose 50% of last fortnight figure!).

To put Western eye (again) on long lasting Palestine-Israel war, I reckoned some pages in Thomas Friedman's work in 2000, The Lexus and Olive Tree. Both have problems of backlash. Some Israelis want to preserve the way Jews was distinguished. A part of Israelis think that two nation state is unworkable. The same had happened with Palestinians. Elite conflicts lead to uncounted number of toll ever since. However, history recorded the one who always took the advantage is Israel. Their territory is increasing each time war was conducted.

Talking about Palestine-Israel, it seems their flower each other by war, a gone wild romanticism. This is merely difficult to understand those behaviours to most of us, except for those, who are always referring to Qur'an verses. What we can do now is to deliver humanitarian reliefs to people who suffered most in this war. We also need to urge a peace keeping troop to enter the zone, stopping the war before it turns to genocide. As soon as a ceasefire is established, we can work on new concept, not only pushing the two-nation state, which is utopia.

We also need to put relentless patient to all propagandas that can lead to heavier lost to Muslim lands and community until we are spiritually, technologically, and physically enough to par their games. Don't let the world to corrupt our souls, read and practice God's verses, teach the youngsters, establish community and unity as well as pray hard!

Opinion update 1: 10/Jan
You should read what American opinions about the recent Gaza war on AC360 blog.
To level their games, we (as readers and practicer of Qur'an, not essentially covered by general Muslim term) need to put first thing first. Stop the war is the first priority, now!
It became apparent, the war is a campaign consumption to the coming election of new Israel leader. Insane, eh?

Facts Update 2: 11/Jan
Gulf regime ministers plan to summit on next ten days, to discuss actions amid this worsening war. Meanwhile, the oil price now touches 50-52, a 60% increment of the new year figure. Australian, European, and Indonesian red cross are fighting to extricate injured citizens and delivering medicine in a thin window time, given by the aggressor. Indonesian head of Parliament was on a stage to pressure the aggressor, requesting to stop war immediately. Israel was escalating the war, putting more dropped bombs to dense area of people in Gaza city, increasing casualties to almost 900, yesterday.

Facts Update 3: 13/Jan
During what is claimed to be the final days, the aggressor marched to mazes inside Gaza City, seeking for any suspected Hamas activist. There was no mercy showed by the Army, even for journalists, civilians, women, and children. The nation exhibited no intention to obey the UN resolution, suggesting irrespective moves to this ineffective world body. The same actions were observed and well known since the super-power always vote against any disadvantaged resolution for them.
At the same time, cyber wars erupted everywhere, between each other symphatisant, giving numerous damages to vulnerable sites as well as burdening bandwidth around the globe.


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