El Nino, Global Warming, it's so warming today!

Fellas are complaining. Heat wave seems to attack Samarinda today, around 35 centigrade this afternoon.

I recognized the sign of dry season weeks ago, when I captured beautiful butterflies at home. Butterflies, especially the small white and yellow Pieridae, in my observation, are the sign of a long drought period. A news flashes from Bloomberg, I heard that Australia warns El Nino this year. NOAA confirms the news and releases information about the phenomenon on this link

Kalimantan, according to locals, has a period of long drought once in 8-10 years. I suspect 2009-2010 is the next dry season as like as 1998. The last drought, 1998, gave a severe forest fire all over the island.

Well, not to mention Global warming, during drought, land temperature could rise to 40-50 Celcius, ignites fire in coal deposit areas. To include Global warming, temperature could be 2-3 degrees higher than usual, increasing risk of forest fire.

With regard to global warming, strange actions happened everywhere. AF-447 was the last significant victim of rare climate behaviour (altough this still in intense debate). I told students about Carbon concentration in the air and how Global warming can devastate living things on earth due to rapidly weather shifting.

Today is so humid. Another clear sign that we should think about saving our beloved earth.


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