Telkomsel Flash as in the news today

Flash is a brand for mobile broadband of Telkomsel Indonesia. To activate Flash, the customer must subscribe to Halo (postpaid mobile service) which is always considered as Premium customers. This month, customers are feeling of being deceived by Telkomsel with regard to their new regulation in "Unlimited Internet package", in which reducing its "fair usage" bandwidth from 3GB to 512MB without any customer agreement or contract amendment.

Here's the old schemas:
Unlimited/Basic: 128Kbps with fair usage 3GB
Unlimited/Advance: 256Kbps with fair usage 3GB

And the new schemas can be obtained from:

I think, by reducing the service to customer (with a possible option to even getting some more money): the company is possibly violated Customer Protection Law. Here, we discuss about changing the plan/service without asking customers to amend the contract. Once the contract has been arranged, either there are some escape articles, both are bounded to fulfill their obligations.

I am feeling disgraced by Telkomsel, especially due to some individual reasons:
  1. I was invited by Telkomsel as a representative of bloggers from Samarinda.
  2. The introduction to Telkomsel Flash was from the Telkomsel Samarinda 'chief operation'.
  3. I tried to serve the fact that my Telkomsel connection is at least the same as they were claimed. (see my blog articles). It was tested in four different cities with satisfactory result (achieving around 120k-360kbps).
  4. I was invited as a speaker for a Telkomsel's general introduction, with around 200 audiences. So I have a moral obligation to what I said to them.

With regard to all my individual reasons, I feel uncomfortable and being mistreated by Telkomsel as other customers do. Personally, and in general, people who are subscribed to Telkomsel never intend to abuse the contract by doing any misconduct activity like flooding bandwidth or disturbing network capacity.

A current report from my wife, who is now using my "Unlimited connection", we never achieve 3g/HSDPA connection since last two weeks. It was practically stalled! And now, Yahoo Messenger through Telkomsel Flash also seems abnormal (at least for two days, already).

Let this as a special notice to Telkomsel. Any progress to the news will also be updated on other note.


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