School Canteen and Vending Machine contribute childhood obesity

Research focussing on children food lifestyle at school has concluded two significant contributors to early obesity: (1) vending machine and (2) canteen.

Above all, kids are too exposed to soft drinks and imbalanced diets that can cause harm to their developmental stage, not only causing obesity and higher risk of cardiovascular disease, later. Only one from six people is able to sustain weigh loss, rest of them either having a bounced phenomenon or stay as they are now.

Hey, those are in America, how bout children in Indonesia?

Currently, my research team is conducting a survey, consisting 440 primary school students, seeking their perception of "hygiene" and "health". Unfortunately, I could not publish the result, but from similar finding in other parts of Indonesia, we can safely say that there is a big chunk of parents not preparing them healthy food, resulting kids to buy snacks from street vendors in the school and surroundings.

As a common problem to Indonesia and many developing countries, foods are not prepared in hygienic ways: coliform infested food caused diarrhoea to kids, at least once in a year. More than half of our school age children have suffered food poisoning (this research is officially presented in an Indonesian Food Technologists Assoc Annual Conference).

Well, lots of work need to be done to improve the future of our next generation. Providing good, healthy and balanced foods should be one of our main tasks.


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