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Readings on Hakim Ajmal Khan from Australian perspective

Syed Ziaur Rahman, Anton Rahmadi & Zahra Hashemi Muslims in Australia have a long and varied history; their role in making the Australia as a part of multicultural society is very significant. At the same time, these immigrants particularly from Indian subcontinent are also concerned to be familiar with their roots and ancestry. Records on Hakim Ajmal Khan are proof that Indian immigrants study and learn their origins through various literature provided by Australian libraries. Muslims in Australia have a long and varied history that is thought to pre-date European settlement. Some of Australia’s earliest visitors were Muslim, from the east Indonesian archipelago. They made contact with mainland Australia as early as the 16th and 17th centuries. These early Muslim visitors were the Makassar traders. Muslim immigrants from coastal Africa and island territories under the British Empire came to Australia as sailors and convicts in the early fleets of European settlers during the