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Publication in PPIA Bulletin

Cocoa Bean: Trade Standards, Postharvest Processing, Re-Emerging Spoilage Microorganism, and Quality Controls Anton Rahmadi December edition preview A complex process is carried out before the bean traded and converted into consumable goods. Harvesting, fermentation, drying, storage and distribution are the common unit operations of cocoa bean. Inappropriate measurement of time, temperature and other environmental conditions can increase probability for mycotoxigenic fungi to grow. Cocoa bean is actually seed of Theobroma cacao L trees and is covered in mucilaginous pulp inside cocoa pods. During harvesting, seed and the associated pulp are removed from the pods, mainly by hand or simple tools, followed by spreading into heap, boxes, or trays for fermentation. The bean is allowed to ferment for various durations, depending on the farmer practises, but it mainly occurs for 6-12 days. The fermentation is a traditional (natural) process that is conducted by growth of indigenous microflor

School of Medicine Student Conference

Satu lagi poster yang akan tampil di bulan Desember 2010 ini: Up-regulation of NO Production Induced by Maillard Product Derivatives and Activities of Natural Extracts Compounds Inhibiting NO Production in Murine Neuronal Cells Knowledge related to advanced glycation ends (AGE) has been growing quite rapidly in recent years, especially with regard to its important role in diabetes, Alzheimer, and other aging-related diseases (Gasser and Forbes 2008). Protein glycation naturally occurred in vivo during normal metabolism and had been particularly observed in platelet cells and neurons. Glycation in a strict terminology (Zhang et al. 2008) is a non-enzymatic reaction that undergoes Schiff-base dan Amadori product re-arrangements and latter on adducts with protein, amino acids, or fragmented peptides. Apart formed inside cells, AGE was also obtained from food as a form of Maillard reaction derivatives (Deo et al. 2009). AGE concentration is proportional to the length of time and tempera

Otak dan Kegemukan: SBS Interview 2010

My interview with SBS Australia in Indonesian language Anton Rahmadi, Brain and Obesity (c) SBS Australia

Against Advanced Glycation End-products

Searching, Utilizing, and Conserving of Tropical Forest Derived Drugs Ameliorating Degenerative Disorders in collaboration with: Muhammad Zahid Penguji di Balai Besar Pengujian Mutu dan Sertifikasi Obat Hewan dan Peneliti di University of New South Wales, Australia. Abstract Advanced glycation end-products (PAGP) emerge as a relatively new research discipline, giving its importance in inducing degenerative disorders namely aging, diabetes, renal failure, and Alzheimer. This group of vast chemical substances is natively produced in-vivo or can also be obtained from foods. Less information and research of PAGP observed in Indonesia in recent day. Hence, this article is aimed to give a new horizon of the significance of PAGP in our health. On the other hand, Indonesian rain forests are a house of potential plant extracts that can cure and ease PAGP-induced diseases. This review would also elaborate potentially curative and preventive substances from Indonesian rain forest plant extracts.

Kalkulasi Gadai Emas

Apakah gadai emas menguntungkan sebagaimana yang digembar-gemborkan? Penasaran juga sih. Sebagai orang yang mencoba melakukannya (jadi saya TIDAK hanya sekedar omdo), saya mencoba membuat hitungan serealistis mungkin. Catatan-catatan: 1. Keuntungan bersih Bank pada saat gadai ditandatangani adalah minimal Rp. 20,000.00 per gram emas yang digadai. 2. Keuntungan berlipat Bank setiap bulan emas itu digadai adalah minimal Rp. 5,000.00 per gram emas yang digadai (atau Rp. 4,000.00 per gram apabila emas yang digadai di atas 300g). 3. Bulan pertama, emas yang Anda gadai akan terdepresiasi nilainya sebanyak sekitar 6,35% (asumsi Anda gadai emas tapi tidak bisa melanjutkan setelah satu bulan), atau Anda rugi Rp. 2,500,000.00 per 100g emas. 4. Apabila gadainya bukan di Bank... siap-siap aja dech menelan kerugian... Kondisi yang menguntungkan untuk gadai emas: 1. Apabila apresiasi nilai emas >32.5% bila emas yang Anda gadai kurang dari 300g, atau apresiasi nilai emas >30% bila emas gadai l