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Rangkuman speed Telkomsel Flash bulan ini

Tanggal 4 Juni (Samarinda) Download 3 sekaligus. Kecepatan downstream adalah 14.4 + 14.0 + 14.7 KBps atau sekitar 424.8 Kbps! Tanggal 22 Juni (Jakarta) Tanggal 17 Juni (Bogor) Tanggal 5 Juni (Samarinda) Tanggal 3 Juni (Samarinda)

El Nino, Global Warming, it's so warming today!

Fellas are complaining. Heat wave seems to attack Samarinda today, around 35 centigrade this afternoon. I recognized the sign of dry season weeks ago, when I captured beautiful butterflies at home. Butterflies, especially the small white and yellow Pieridae, in my observation, are the sign of a long drought period. A news flashes from Bloomberg, I heard that Australia warns El Nino this year. NOAA confirms the news and releases information about the phenomenon on this link Kalimantan, according to locals, has a period of long drought once in 8-10 years. I suspect 2009-2010 is the next dry season as like as 1998. The last drought, 1998, gave a severe forest fire all over the island. Well, not to mention Global warming, during drought, land temperature could rise to 40-50 Celcius, ignites fire in coal deposit areas. To include Global warming, temperature could be 2-3 degrees higher than usual, increasing risk of forest fire. With regard to global warming, strange actions happened eve