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Telkomsel Flash as in the news today

Flash is a brand for mobile broadband of Telkomsel Indonesia. To activate Flash, the customer must subscribe to Halo (postpaid mobile service) which is always considered as Premium customers. This month, customers are feeling of being deceived by Telkomsel with regard to their new regulation in "Unlimited Internet package", in which reducing its "fair usage" bandwidth from 3GB to 512MB without any customer agreement or contract amendment. Here's the old schemas: Unlimited/Basic: 128Kbps with fair usage 3GB Unlimited/Advance: 256Kbps with fair usage 3GB And the new schemas can be obtained from: I think, by reducing the service to customer (with a possible option to even getting some more money): the company is possibly violated Customer Protection Law. Here, we discuss about changing the plan/service without asking customers to amend the contract. Once the contract has been arranged, either there are some escape articles,

Dust storm in Sydney

Some say this is the first occurrence in three generations. Some would link the phenomenon to climate change of Global Warming. A strong gust (100 kph) and strange orange/crimson red dust rendered NSW' sky for a day. These are pictures taken around my renting house in Leumeah, Greater Sydney. People are scared, excited, as well as amazed. Discussions spur on many online newspapers, debating this as an impact of Global Warming. Anyhow, despite all debates, the damage has been done. Sydney is prone to more severe and strange climatic catastrophe.