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Terms define what dominant civilization we are in

There is nothing new under the same sky. Earth has its own timing.Over centuries, people are promoting their ideas, agendas, and also propagandas.  First is to learn from previous civilization, second is to write with their own language, and third is to re-write the whole ideas and teach young generations with its own version of ideas and further expands them.  History is written by the winner. For example, herbal medicine has been practised  much in the old civilisations, yet it is still preserved and practised today. Names and terms can be changed, but the main ideas are still the same.  I.e. use of the same plant for the same disease, with better developed dispensing method and with more controlled planting, harvesting, and processing techniques. Graeco-arabic medicine is a perfect case for fighting of a term.  Graeco-arabic is presently not a common word in any medicinal education in Australia.  However, this much practiced medicine during medieval era has been transformed, mix