Gurun Debu

There is a street in Samarinda called AR Hakim which is located near to my house. The street however originally was on the same level with water, therefore during heavy rain it was always (with 100% certainty) flooded with water from a river near by.

Sometime in the past, the local government decided to increase the street level up to about 1/2 m from the sea level. The project also carried out to enlarge the road span to at least 12 m. Nevertheless, it seems a never-ending project as you may see from pictures below:

Welcome to an on-street-desert tourism :)

Cars from the opposite direction should wait for their turns. It is only one-way with zig-zag route !

The above images were taken 3 weeks ago, and this picture below was taken 2 days ago...

Happy ending ?? No. The inhabitants near by closed the street as a protest to the local government !!


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