Returning home & teaching

Last night I had a strange dream. A very clear view inside my head that showed me in a class... teaching young colleges. It, hopefully, represents my deepest thought, to influence the young generations to create a better future.
Many plans created since I was leaving for Aussie, nearly 1 year ago. On of the "ambition" was to provide local people with a good, yet free, accessible resources for their own development. The online site:, however, is not a well-known source in cyber space for high schools, or we may be too lazy to search for such kind of things.
Returning home, dealing with young scholars, has been a dream of me since my mother and my first supervisor of undergraduate were pass away. They both were lecturers and shared the same experience. Keeping up till the end of their lives. In some way, everyone thought the same, to leave a legacy (the phrase popularize by Stephen Covey) for the young generations in many ways.
Some are thinking to leave materials, which can be utilized for anything, including education. There are separate individuals to nurture the good morality for the youth, but in lesser extent to let them develop their own potential since childhood...
Sometimes, i blamed "no-one" for giving me a chance to be exist in developing country, whereas the challenge is so huge. Enormous effort is a certain for becoming what ever you want. Kinda frustrated life may face everyone...
But, it was beyond our ability to choose, leave the issue and try to feel that the effort is an opportunity for me to influence more.. I don't hope to bring success, I am just wishing to use as many time as possible for them.....


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