Starting a research

Photo: courtesy of Sydney Morning Herald.

Many of young fellows are strugling to find a research topic. The issue behind this is the requirements of a new research project, which are a new idea, new area in the field or a research gap. To find a suitable topic is somehow difficult, but not hard.
A glimpse of idea shown in the photograph, a simple measurement of noise level in indutries and factories may be a simple matter for us, but becoming a good issue for environmental protection.
There are many ways to obtain new topic, for instance, watching the nature or society. The current trend of packaging is to find polymers which have properties of banana leaf ? Why that greeny simple thing can direct global interests ?
Simple answers are: easily degradable, but edible and non-toxic compound at the same time, good water barier with porous material to support oxygen exchange in some levels. Nevertheless, many advanced answers can support the issue, as well as why the simple things such noise level draw people attention's since they have correlation with health aspects.
The keywords to find a good topic of research are:
1. what matter people need but lack of knowledge behind it ?
2. what is the simple solution for people's problem ?
3. what is the principal underlying something ?
4. how it works ?
5. how to bring something in one field as an answer for another field ?
Many more questions can help researchers to find a new topic...

So.. let's help people by solving their problem.


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